Telephone mediation

Shane McClure offers a telephone mediation service

Shane can conduct legal conferences, mediation intake sessions and mediation sessions by telephone, instead of face to face.
Telephone mediation can be useful for people who:
1. Have concerns about their safety;
2. Have limited time due to work or other personal commitments;
3. Live far apart
4. Have restricted mobility due to disability or other factors.
People can usually be in their own home or at another suitable venue with access to a landline phone.
Generally, the process for telephone mediation is the same as what you may expect in a standard face-to-face mediation.
Whilst there is nothing that precludes anything taking place over the telephone, there are significant advantages in using video technology or meeting in person.
A lot of nonverbal communication such as body language and facial expressions is lost over the telephone.
A better of option is the use of video technology that allows everyone to observe everyone else over the video feed, and there is also the benefit of using the screen-share option to help parties review documents together and track agreements as they are made