Your success is why I am here each day. I receive a lot of my cases from referrals from former clients or other law practitioners in the area that know that I am a Nationally Accredited Mediator & Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner. Other clients know me as a criminal lawyer, having seen me in court in Kyneton, Werribee or Bacchus Marsh Magistrates’ Court defending my clients against police charges laid against them.

Here is what some of my former clients have to say:


When I contacted Shane I had lost all hope. I had met with another lawyer who could not see the bigger picture. Shane listened with compassion to what I had to say and ended up successfully helping me resolve my parenting and property matter at the Federal Circuit Court of Australia.
Allen, Essendon.


Prior to contacting Shane McClure, I did not know how my ex-partner and I would ever resolve our issues as simply being in the same room as him frightened me. Every time I looked at him made me recall my shattered hopes and dreams for our relationship. I knew that we had to sit down together and discuss our issues; I tried emailing a few times, but he just responded in a way that was not productive for moving forward. My ex-partner works over in the mines and is only back in Melbourne every few weeks, so it was hard to schedule a time to chat.
I had all but given up on moving forward until someone suggested that I contact Shane McClure, as he could help me sit down with my ex in different rooms, through the use of video mediation. It was a raving success; I felt at ease and my ex-partner could participate from where he was located, which was very convenient for both of us.
Lilly, Hoppers Crossing.


A few years ago, I decided that I wanted to sell my farm but could not find the right buyer for the property and every agent who wanted to sell it for me wanted a big commission. My friend at the time contacted me and offered to run my farm for five years, giving me a certain amount of profits in return. Over a few beers we worked out a deal, or at least what I thought at the time was a deal. He took over running my farm and, when the first quarter came around, I started wondering when he would contact me to give me my fair share. That is when I discovered that we were on completely different pages.

I ended up retaining the services of a lawyer and, after spending $8,000 sending a few letters back and forth, trying to get some peace in the house, my wife suggested that we contact a mediator. Shane McClure was referred to us by my son in law, whom he had helped out with a little court matter; he seemed to have a handle on things, so I ended up contacting Shane. Well, after 2 solid days of mediation in-person back at the old farm house we brokered a deal. At one moment I thought Shane was going to have to separate us, but he remained cool calm and collected and we ended up reaching a deal without having to go to court. Thank you Shane.
Bruce, Leongatha.


I was a silly boy once and ended up getting into a fight coming out of my local; things didn’t end up so good for me. Not wanting to be outdone and knowing where the other person lived, I ended up going around to his house the next afternoon to attempt to settle the score. He wasn’t there and, when I got home, I discovered the Police at my door. Not only was I charged, I didn’t think I would get bail.

Shane McClure ended up helping me sort out my mess. He knew where I was coming from and I am glad that he helped me with my criminal charges.
Steve, Kyneton.

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