Newly separated and wondering what you need to work out?

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If you still need help, I also offer family dispute resolution mediation that assists parents who are separating and in conflict to communicate with each other and reach agreements to resolve family law disputes around parenting, financial agreements, property settlements, or child support.

If you’ve got questions, no doubt your former partner does as well, and they may have already had those questions answered.

You need to protect yourself so you can break free.

You might have also been served with a Family Violence Intervention Order and have to appear in court very soon.

I can appear in court with you. I have over ten years of experience appearing on behalf of people like you in court.

It’s important to get advice as soon as possible, so if you would like help with your breakup, please book a quick chat with me on the phone first so we can work out your next step. I am also available for conferences by video, and in-person at a number of locations in Melbourne and greater Victoria, including Point Cook, Niddrie, Kyneton, Bendigo and Ballarat.

P.S. Do you know that I can act as your Mediator and help resolve any dispute with your former partner through the help of mediation.

I’m not about taking matters to court if they can be worked out in a more cost and time-effective manner.

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Shane McClure Lawyer
Shane McClure Lawyer

Family dispute resolution mediation (FDR) is a voluntary process in which a trained and skilled mediator assists parents to resolve family issues and disputes.

Attend your intake session or mediation in the comfort and safety of your home.

Shane can conduct legal conferences, mediation intake sessions and mediation sessions by telephone, instead of face to face.

Shane has a wealth of experience appearing in all Victorian and Commonwealth courts and tribunals, including the Federal Circuit Court of Australia and the Family Law Court.

Shane McClure can advise on the necessary documents required for starting a new relationship,
ending a relationship, parenting disputes, and property disputes.

As a criminal lawyer in Victoria, Shane advocates in all criminal
matters and can work to defend your rights and ensure you receive the appropriate
representation you require.

Shane will listen to your side of the story, negotiate on your behalf, make appropriate submissions to the court, and ensure where necessary, the court is made aware of your position.

Mediation is a process that enables parties to open up productive channels of communication so essential issues can be resolved through a mutually acceptable agreement