A Personal Safety Intervention Order can be used where one alleges they are unsafe from a non-family member such as friends, neighbours, employers, colleagues, tenants, landlords, or any other person.

Looking for a personal safety intervention order lawyer in Melbourne?

A personal safety intervention order helps to protect one person from another person, who is not a family member. It is a court order that protects one person (and their children, if any) from:

  • physical, emotional and economic abuse, and
  • from violent actions such as stalking, coercion, harassment or
  • threats, by people like friends, neighbours, employers, colleagues, tenants, landlords, or any other person.

If you feel that you are exposed to a threat

Call the Police first. After you are safe, call Shane, he will listen to you patiently and customise a creative set of future action. Shane McClure is a personal safety intervention order lawyer in Melbourne and is professionally known as a highly supportive lawyer, praised by many colleagues, towards his approach to victims in distress. The process looks easy, but from experience, people do unwitting legal mistakes without professional help, which may affect the application in the future.

Shane is an emotionally and financially supportive professional. He will give you advice about keeping safe (and your children, if any), and give you the best and affordable advice on your initial interview with the court registrar or Police, and any future court appearances.

If you are a Respondent, or potential respondent to an Intervention Order
If you have a personal safety intervention order (real or fabricated) against you, take immediate professional help from a personal safety intervention order lawyer to help improve matters matters for you.

You may wish to challenge the terms and allegations or accept the order.

In either case, you need a proficient family violence intervention order lawyer by your side, especially if there are children involved, property issues and threats to your livelihood, to guide you through the complexities.


Applying for a personal safety intervention order or defending yourself against one can be a stressful and tense experience. Shane McClure acts and appears on behalf of APPLICANTS and RESPONDENTS in all personal safety intervention order applications and hearings, and at each various hearing, right up to and including in Contested Hearings.

Irrespective of whether you are the victim or the defendant, Shane is on your side and fights until the best judgement is delivered. Be it a contested court hearing, securing you and your child’s safety, future and mental peace, or helping you with a cross application Intervention Order against the accuser, Shane is the humane, assertive and intellectually rebellious lawyer you deserve. Shane is also an advocate of various ways of Mediation, which he believes to be a better option for most.

Shane McClure has over 10 years of experience looking after clients and their intervention orders. His client testimonials reveal his adeptness in dealing with both applicants and respondents and giving them his neutral legal acumen. Utilising his experience and skills as a mediator, irrespective of whether you are an applicant seeking the protection of an order for yourself and your children, or the respondent to a personal safety intervention order, Shane McClure can advise you of options and represent you at all hearings, including mentions, directions hearings, and contested hearings.

As a personal safety intervention order lawyer in Melbourne, Shane McClure regularly appears in all Victorian courts and can plan and prepare your case to enable you to obtain the best possible result. Shane McClure serves all areas of Victoria and can represent you. Click here to contact us and make an enquiry. Shane McClure has the experience, understanding and compassion to help you.
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