Achieve a winner’s attitude and get mediating today. With meticulous preparation, creative and collaborative outcomes and continued follow-up, mediation with Shane McClure leaves a lasting impression.

It is not limited to just a few hours or a day-long session. It’s a process. Shane McClure will work diligently every step of the way—from pre-mediation calls and preparation, to post-session follow-up, whether it is court ordered or the parties voluntarily approach Shane McClure. Shane works hard to leave a lasting impression and help all parties reach the best possible outcome for their dispute.

It can be a challenging process where disputing parties need to negotiate sensitive issues such as family law parenting, financial and divorce issues, or even workplace disputes. Negotiations can be particularly stressful in family disputes when the participants generally have a history of tension and communication breakdown. A trustworthy individual such as Shane McClure is who you need to rely on.

What is it?

It is a conversation between two or more people that disagree, led by a trained, neutral mediator. It is a less expensive, time-saving alternative to court. Here, the disputing parties have the chance to settle their differences in a safe, confidential and efficient manner.

Achieve a more socially rewarding life. Mediation helps people get what they need, whether it’s peace and quiet, family unity, a financial settlement, or just a chance to be heard. Shane McClure is motivated to achieve a resolution for you. He is a professionally trained and committed mediator focused on promoting peace.

What kinds of disputes can we ask a mediator to help resolve?

Most non-violent disputes can be mediated. This includes court ordered mediation, divorce mediation, separation mediation, disputes about money, disputes between neighbours, family members, landlords and tenants, customers and businesses, and roommates. Disputes involving community groups and organisations can also be addressed.

Separation services in Melbourne: Family Dispute Resolution Mediation

Looking for a divorce lawyer in Melbourne, or separation mediation services in Melbourne? Shane McClure is also a Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner (FDRP) and offers these services in person, by video and telephone.

Also an FDRP, Shane offers a specialised aspect focused on families, and resolving family law parenting, financial and divorce issues.

When children are involved, unless there are circumstances such as family violence or an Intervention Order, a court will require the parties to attend dispute resolution to assist them in finalising matters relating to the care and wellbeing of the children. With respect to financial issues, the court will want to know what steps the parties have first taken to resolve the matter outside of court. If this process is unsuccessful you will then receive a section 60i certificate. The certificate will show the court your willingness to attempt to resolve the outstanding issues between you.

The Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner’s (FDRP) job is to facilitate communication, and clarify and resolve issues between you both and work to ensure that you are here to freely negotiate without fear or coercion, giving you both the ability to reach an informed and voluntary agreement for your separation or divorce.

All through the process, Shane as an FDRP is constantly assessing if it is still best to proceed with Family Dispute Resolution (FDR).

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Open and effective communication: The key to any successful personal, professional, and lasting relationship.

  • Preserve and maintain relationships, even in a divorce.
  • Delivering the right message through written communication.
  • Mediate between age, generational, socio-economic and cultural barriers.
  • Respect others’ opinions, and have your opinions heard.
  • Integrate your business for better Customer service.
  • Get the right tools to deal with future disputes.

Why should I consider IT?

  • You are always free to mediate. There will be no long and costly protracted court battle. It will work to preserve and maintain your existing business or personal relationship.
  • It is convenient. Day and evening sessions are available at convenient locations.
  • It is fast. Sessions are scheduled quickly. A settlement can often be reached in one 1-2 hour session.
  • It is voluntary. You do not lose any rights by trying to resolve your dispute through mediation before taking your case to court. If a settlement cannot be reached through mediation that is satisfactory to all people involved in the dispute, you are free to pursue your case in court.
  • It is confidential. Only written settlements are kept on file. All conversations during sessions are confidential. Mediators cannot be ordered to testify in court regarding the case. All notes taken by the mediator are destroyed at the end of the process.
  • It is satisfying. Mediation allows people to vent and be heard. It allows people to better understand each other.
    It works. People who reach their own settlement through mediation are more likely to comply or follow through with the settlement.

Where do sessions take place?

Sessions are held at Shane’s offices, online through video, or by telephone.

What evidence should I bring?

You should try to bring all related documents, photographs, estimates, repair bills or other items that might be helpful in resolving your dispute.

Do I need a lawyer or witnesses?

No. You do not need to have a lawyer or witnesses present with you. Parties are encouraged to speak for themselves and to come up with their own solutions.

Is it a substitute for seeking legal information or advice?

No. It is strongly recommended that you consult with a lawyer if you need legal information or advice.

What if I have a legal question or I decide I want legal advice during a session?

Tell Shane McClure mediator immediately. They will either pause or reschedule the mediation session, depending on how quickly you can get the information or advice you seek.

As a neutral and independent party, Shane McClure is committed to excellence in mediation, and focuses on building and maintaining effective communication between parties in order to work towards realistic and compatible goals in a peaceful and productive manner.

Shane McClure provides services across Australia, with numerous convenient and flexible options for the location of each session. Participants can choose from face-to-face sessions, teleconference, video link, and even in different rooms at the same venue. This flexibility ensures that sessions takes place in a safe and convenient environment for both parties.

Shane McClure understands the challenges that disputing parties may face. He knows exactly what it is like to run a business, be involved in litigation, or go through a family law dispute, and coupled with being an Australian Lawyer, Shane ensures disputes are reality checked and focussed on effective communication and future planning.

Court ordered mediation in Melbourne. Do you have a case in court?

How can I try to resolve my dispute through mediation if my case is already scheduled to be heard by a judge today or in the next few days?
Whether you are the plaintiff or defendant, have a divorce or separation case in court, or a commercial dispute, you are always free to attempt mediation with the other party.

It is a highly confidential, cost-effective and supportive way to settle disputes as an alternative to court.

Dispute resolution and mediation services Victoria have proven to be successful at re-establishing productive ongoing communication between parties in order to reach mutually satisfactory outcomes. This is particularly helpful in family disputes where the issues involved are emotionally charged and extremely personal.


There is a structured process which includes the following stages:

  1. Pre-mediation (individual sessions to determine if it is appropriate, the type of mediation and prepare you for mediation.
  2. Mediation Session, which includes
    1. Introductions: to discuss the process and ground rules.
    2. Parties’ Opening Statements: You introduce yourselves and the issues you would like to discuss. This is where you get your chance to tell your story and is important as it allows us to all be on the same page, and to understand each other’s viewpoints.
    3. Setting the agenda: the agenda for the discussion. An agenda is proposed, and the parties discuss the order they would like to discuss the issues.
    4. Negotiation: This is where we discuss the agenda items and attempt to find innovative solutions looking not just at the facts as you each see them, the positions you have adopted, but your underlying interests, your basic needs moving forward and what you value. Negotiation can be spread over more than one mediation session.
    5. Agreement: any agreements that are reached are reality tested for practicality and application in the real world and documented where appropriate.
    6. During any time we can have private sessions if you require, to confidentially discuss any items holding you back from freely agreeing.
  3. Post-Mediation

In the event that all issues are not resolved during the session, Shane McClure will follow up in an effort to keep parties engaged in the process and focused on resolution.

Shane’s extensive mediation Melbourne and Victoria experience combined with his rich and detailed knowledge of all aspects of Victorian law and court processes ensures that all parties benefit from his professional and personal expertise.

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Shane McClure is available to assist you with his mediation services all across Melbourne, Victoria, and Australia. Shane offers flexible and convenient options and utilises telephone and video-conferences where possible. Click here to contact us and make an enquiry. Shane McClure has the experience, understanding and compassion to help you.

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