Are you looking for a personal safety intervention order lawyer in Melbourne? Shane McClure is here to help. As an experienced lawyer, Shane offers expert legal advice and representation for both applicants and respondents in all personal safety intervention order applications and hearings.

What is a Personal Safety Intervention Order?

A Personal Safety Intervention Order is a court order that protects one person (and their children, if any) from physical, emotional, and economic abuse, as well as from violent actions such as stalking, coercion, harassment, or threats by people who are not family members. This can include friends, neighbours, employers, colleagues, tenants, landlords, or any other person.

If you feel that you are exposed to a threat, it’s important to call the police first to ensure your safety. After that, you can contact Shane McClure, who is known for his patient and supportive approach to victims in distress.

Why Hire Shane McClure as Your Personal Safety Intervention Order Lawyer?

Applying for a personal safety intervention order or defending yourself against one can be a stressful and tense experience. With over 10 years of experience, Shane McClure is an expert in looking after clients and their intervention orders. He is adept in dealing with both applicants and respondents, and can provide neutral legal acumen to help you obtain the best possible outcome.

Shane McClure regularly appears in all Victorian courts and can plan and prepare your case to ensure the best possible result. He serves all areas of Victoria and can represent you at all hearings, including mentions, directions hearings, and contested hearings.

As a compassionate and assertive lawyer, Shane McClure fights for your best interests, regardless of whether you are the victim or the defendant. He also believes that mediation can be a better option for most and advocates for various ways of Mediation.

If you are a Respondent to an Intervention Order

If you have a personal safety intervention order (real or fabricated) against you, it’s important to take immediate professional help from a personal safety intervention order lawyer. Shane McClure can help you challenge the terms and allegations or accept the order, and guide you through the complexities, especially if there are children involved, property issues, and threats to your livelihood.

Final Thoughts

Shane McClure is a personal safety intervention order lawyer in Melbourne who can provide the best possible advice and representation for your case. He is an emotionally and financially supportive professional who can advise you about keeping safe and give you the best and affordable advice on your initial interview with the court registrar or police, and any future court appearances. Contact Shane McClure for expert assistance with obtaining or challenging a personal safety intervention order.

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