How to Cancel an Intervention Order

An intervention order carries a lot of consequences, whether you are the protected person or the respondent. 

It has family and personal ramifications that may be too burdensome for any of the parties involved. It may also affect any gun licenses that you have. You may need to contact the other party for an important matter or may find the conditions of the order too difficult. 

In any event and for whatever reason you may want to cancel the intervention order. It is necessary to understand that a cancellation or revocation of an intervention order must be made with the permission of the Magistrates’ Court.

The first step in cancelling or revoking an intervention order is by filing an application for leave with the Magistrates’ Court, together with an affidavit of application for verification. A hearing will then be held to determine if you may be allowed to cancel or revoke the intervention order

If the application for leave of court is granted, a judicial officer will decide if cancellation or revocation is proper. Thereafter, a copy of the application will be served on the opposing party or the Police, if they are the one who made the application.

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