Growing up on AFL Grand Final day

Growing up on AFL Grand Final day

Recalling my past AFL Grand Final days I remember spending time with close family members and loved ones, as we cheered on someone else’s team. Whether it was enjoying it at home, or racing to someone else’s house shortly before the bounce and noticing the roads were empty, as everyone had already secured their seat.

Then my team was successful in the late 90’s-early 2000’s, and I can recall enjoying Grand Final day in the thick of it at the MCG with a loved one, and the celebrations thereafter. There was a winning grand final, and then there was that losing one that I still haven’t forgotten.

Now I am much older, and today I spent my sixth AFL grand final with my son. His team won of course and we danced around our home and had a great day. We also played Minecraft in between goals!

It’s amazing isn’t it, how sport can bring people together, and what’s more amazing is how it helps build good solid memories.

Life is however short and you never know what is around the bend, so in the best interest of life itself, I hope you enjoyed your AFL Grand Final day with your children building solid memories (irrespective of whether your team lost, won, or wasn’t even playing), because these moments are precious, as precious as premierships are to AFL players.

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