FDR Mediation

FAMILY DISPUTE RESOLUTION MEDIATION: It’s about the agreement you reach, and the process getting you there.

Family dispute resolution mediation (FDR) is a voluntary process in which a trained and skilled mediator assists parents to resolve family issues and disputes.

In most cases, you cannot issue proceedings in court for parenting matters without having attempted mediation and obtained a Section 60(I) Certificate. Shane can issue Section 60(i) Certificates,  allowing your matter to go to court. For more information about Section 60(i) Certificates click here.

While the family mediation process is not always perfect, it can be extremely helpful in facilitating productive communication. It can identify issues of concern and then find mutually suitable solutions. The mediation process not only provides a clear and amicable framework for the family’s future, but it is also far quicker, simpler and more cost-effective than dragging issues through the Courts, which can involve significant delays and costly legal fees.

Irrespective of whether you think your dispute is suitable for mediation or not, you are urged to contact Shane McClure for his opinion and advice. In most cases, mediation can take place irrespective of an IVO (Family Violence Intervention Order).

The role of the mediator

As a neutral and independent nationally accredited mediator and family dispute resolution practitioner, Shane McClure offers mediation solutions for a wide range of issues, tailored to the participants’ personal circumstances.

Shane McClure’s role as mediator is to create a safe and secure platform for both parties, so they can participate in an open and respectful conversation where each person has an equal voice. The process enables both parties to work through relevant issues without prejudice in order to identify areas of mutual agreement and to find achievable solutions in order to move forward.

  • Child custody and parenting
  • Financial and property settlements
  • Separation mediation
  • Child support mediation
  • Video mediation

Shane McClure helps parents communicate effectively with each other so they can successfully negotiate all aspects of the care and wellbeing of their children. He helps parents set up guidelines so they can establish consistent and balanced arrangements for all the elements of parenting across separate households, including: schooling, diet, bedtime, pickups and drop offs, telephone and Facetime/skype arrangements, iPad technology time, Christmas, birthdays.

Channelling Emotions
  • Shane McClure understands the emotional rollercoaster you are experiencing during your separation. His mediation services can help you channel these emotions in a positive way so you can see this situation as an opportunity for growth. Shane can give you the tools to navigate the separation in a proactive and practical manner, so you can regain your confidence and personal security for the future.    
When is a Good Time for Mediation?
  • As soon as you have decided to separate.
  • When you decide you need legal advice regarding parenting or financial arrangements – speak to Shane first!
  • If you have already agreed upon the terms of a financial settlement and need assistance to make your agreement legally binding (Shane will help you do this yourself).
  • If you have been separated for a while and need to review parenting arrangements or the payment or receipt of expenses relating to the children.
  • Any time you need help and support with parenting or financial arrangements as a result of your separation.
How to get started  

For more information, call to make an enquiry on 03 8692 7244 or click below to schedule a call back from Shane. He will contact you to discuss your specific circumstances and work out the best strategy to help you move forward.

For more information about the FDR Mediation process click here.
Shane McClure does not just offer a Melbourne Family Mediation practice or a Victoria Family Mediation practice, but can operate Australia wide using the benefits of video technology. To learn more about how Video Mediation can be utilised in FDR Mediation, click here.

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