Mediation Services Melbourne & Victoria

Are you struggling to resolve a dispute with someone? If so, expert mediation services can help you reach a satisfactory resolution. Shane McClure, an Australian lawyer, offers mediation services across Melbourne and Victoria to help you avoid costly and time-consuming court battles.

What is Mediation?

Mediation is a conversation led by a trained, neutral mediator between two or more people who disagree. It is a less expensive and time-saving alternative to court, where disputing parties can settle their differences in a safe, confidential, and efficient manner. Mediation provides an opportunity to achieve a more socially rewarding life by helping people get what they need, whether it’s peace and quiet, family unity, a financial settlement, or just a chance to be heard.

What Kinds of Disputes Can Be Resolved with Mediation?

Most non-violent disputes can be mediated, including:

  1. court-ordered mediation,
  2. divorce and separation mediation,
  3. disputes about money,
  4. disputes between neighbors,
  5. family members,
  6. family dispute resolution mediation,
  7. commercial dispute resolution mediation,
  8. landlords and tenants,
  9. customers and businesses,
  10. roommates, and
  11. disputes involving community groups and organisations.

Why Should You Consider Mediation?

Mediation can preserve and maintain your existing business or personal relationship, is convenient with day and evening sessions available at convenient locations, is fast with sessions scheduled quickly, is voluntary, and maintains your rights if you decide to take your case to court. Mediation is confidential, satisfying, and has a high success rate. People who reach their own settlement through mediation are more likely to comply or follow through with the settlement.

Shane’s Mediation Services

Shane McClure provides mediation services across Australia, with numerous convenient and flexible options for the location of each session, including face-to-face sessions, teleconferences, video links, and even in different rooms at the same venue. Shane’s extensive mediation Melbourne and Victoria experience combined with his rich and detailed knowledge of all aspects of Victorian law and court processes ensures that all parties benefit from his professional and personal expertise.

Shane’s Way of Mediation

Shane’s approach to mediation involves open and effective communication, preserving and maintaining relationships, even in a divorce, delivering the right message through written communication, mediating between age, generational, socio-economic, and cultural barriers, respecting others’ opinions, and having your opinions heard, integrating your business for better customer service, and providing you with the right tools to deal with future disputes.

How Mediation Is Done? – Shane’s Tailored Steps

Shane’s structured process includes:

  1. pre-mediation, individual sessions to determine if it is appropriate, the type of mediation and prepare you for mediation,
  2. mediation sessions, and
  3. post-mediation follow-up.

The mediation session includes introductions, parties’ opening statements, setting the agenda, negotiation, and agreement. During any time, private sessions are available to confidentially discuss any items holding you back from freely agreeing.

Get Started Today

With expert mediation services provided by Shane McClure, you can achieve a favorable resolution for your disputes in a confidential, fast, and cost-effective manner. Mediation offers an alternative to court and can resolve most non-violent disputes. Don’t hesitate to contact Shane McClure today to resolve your disputes and achieve a more peaceful and rewarding life.

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