Criminal Law

Criminal Law: When you need a tough, seasoned criminal lawyer on your side. Works hard for you and will get results.

Being charged with a criminal offence is a very serious matter that could affect the rest of your life. You can get a criminal record and there are serious penalties, such as fines and jail time, depending on the seriousness of the offence. However, relying on the services of an experienced criminal lawyer can help minimise the consequences.

What type of cases do you take on?

Whether you have been charged with drink driving, drug possession, theft, shoplifting, assault, carrying a weapon or breaking and entering, I can help. I have a strong knowledge of applicable laws and will be able to explain these to you in plan, understandable English.

Do you really have to go to Court if you are charged with a criminal offence?

If you have been charged with a criminal offence and you do not go to court as required, a warrant could be issued, leading to your arrest for failure to appear in Court or, worse, the court could find you guilty in your absence.

As a reminder, it’s not because you are charged with a crime that you will automatically be held responsible; the prosecution will first have to prove that you are guilty beyond reasonable doubt, which will require them to present adequate evidence during trial. A good criminal lawyer will examine this evidence, how it was obtained and make sure that it can legally be used against you in court.

What should you do if you are arrested by the police or are set to appear in court?

Request to have a lawyer present and call Shane McClure on (03) 8692 7244 as soon as possible, before the police start interrogating you. Shane will be able to assist you in dealing with the police, ensuring that your rights are respected throughout the interrogation process and later on, in court, when your case is heard by a judge.

Here is a client testimonial regarding our criminal law defence services:

I was a silly boy once and ended up getting into a fight coming out of my local pub; things didn’t end up so good for me. Not wanting to be outdone and knowing where the other person lived, I ended up going around to his house the next afternoon to attempt to settle the score. He wasn’t there and, when I got home, I discovered the Police at my door. Not only was I formally charged, but I didn’t think I would get bail.

Shane McClure ended up helping me sort out my mess. He knew where I was coming from and I am glad that he helped me with my criminal charges.

Steve, Kyneton.

Shane McClure regularly appears in all Victorian courts and can plan and prepare your case to enable you to obtain the best possible result. Whether you are looking for a criminal lawyer in Werribee, Kyneton, Bacchus Marsh or anywhere in their vicinity, Shane McClure serves all areas and can represent you.

For more information, call to make an enquiry on 03 8692 7244 or click below to schedule a call back from Shane.