Criminal Defence Lawyer

If you’re facing criminal charges in Melbourne or Victoria, it’s important to have an experienced criminal defence lawyer on your side. Being charged with a criminal offence is a serious matter that could affect your life in many ways, including the possibility of getting a criminal record, large fines, or jail time. That’s where Shane McClure, an experienced criminal lawyer in Melbourne, comes in.

At Shane McClure Criminal Lawyer, we take on all types of criminal cases, including drink driving, drug possession, theft, shoplifting, assault, carrying a weapon, breaking and entering, and more. We have a strong knowledge of the applicable laws and will explain them to you in plain, understandable English.


Shane McClure regularly appears in all courts in Victoria, particularly Magistrates’ Courts in Melbourne and Victoria. Depending on the seriousness of the offence or even if you are falsely accused, you may face severe reprimand. If you find yourself in such a situation, you must choose an experienced and practical lawyer in Melbourne, Victoria, who can help you navigate the legal procedures.

What We Do

Shane McClure Criminal Lawyer is personally committed to each of his clients. Shane will scrutinise the evidence, lead people through the elaborate prosecution elaborate briefs and paperwork, and their options, and ultimately provide the best solution to your criminal charges. As soon as you call Shane’s office, he will immediately draw your case profile and draft up options based on 10+ years of experience in multiple Victorian courts. Shane recognises that being charged with a criminal offence is a serious matter and will provide you with a detailed and realistic roadmap and stick with you until the end.

Types of Cases We Take On

Shane McClure Criminal Lawyer regularly appears in all Victorian courts and takes on both summary and indictable charges, including:

  • Affray
  • Aggravated Break and Enter
  • Armed Robbery
  • Assaults, including Assault occasioning Grievous Bodily Harm and Assault Police
  • Attempts
  • Bail Applications
  • Breach of Intervention Order
  • Break and Enter
  • Centrelink Offences
  • Contempt of Court
  • Contravene Family Violence Intervention Order
  • Contravene Personal Safety Intervention Order
  • Cyber Fraud
  • Documents Containing Threats
  • Dangerous Driving
  • Destroy property
  • Drink Driving
  • Drive whilst Disqualified
  • Drug Charges, including Drug Supply and Trafficking offences and Drug Possession
  • Firearms and weapons
  • Fraud
  • Independent Broad-based Anti-Corruption Commission investigations and hearings (IBAC)
  • Intentionally or recklessly cause injury
  • Intentionally or recklessly cause serious injury
  • Hoon laws
  • Intervention Orders
  • Kidnapping – Take/detain person for advantage
  • Manslaughter
  • Murder
  • Offensive Conduct
  • Perverting the course of justice
  • Police Pursuit
  • Proceeds of Crime
  • Possess Housebreaking Implements
  • Receiving stolen goods
  • Resist Arrest or hinder police
  • Robbery, including Robbery in company and armed robbery
  • Sex offences
  • Soliciting Prostitution
  • Stalk-Intimidate
  • Stolen Property
  • Unlawful Entry
  • Using Intoxicating Substance to Commit an Indictable Offence
  • Use Carriage Service to Menace
  • Weapons offences

Shane also does bail applications and appeals against sentence. He regularly does pleas of guilty to charges and will negotiate with the Police and Director of Public Prosecutions to reduce charges and amend statements of facts where applicable.

When to Hire a Criminal Defence Lawyer in Melbourne and Victoria

It’s crucial to hire a defence lawyer when you have been charged with a crime of any kind, or even if you discover or suspect that you are being investigated for an offence. You need to find a defence lawyer in Melbourne, Victoria, who you can trust to represent your interests, fight for your reputation, and have the charges against you either dismissed or at the very least minimised in the most cost-effective manner possible.

What to Do if You Are Arrested by the Police or Set to Appear in Court

Firstly, cooperate with the police and the court. If you do not appear in court on your date, either a warrant could be issued leading to your arrest, or you could face a penalty for non-cooperation. Do not panic. The court has to prove you guilty beyond reasonable doubt before issuing any penalties or sentences. Contact Shane McClure, top criminal lawyer in Victoria, before the police begin to interrogate you. Shane will take care of your rights and guide you constantly through the proceedings.

Do You Really Have to Go to Court if You Are Charged with a Criminal Offence in Melbourne or Victoria?

If you have been charged with a criminal offence and you do not go to court as required, a warrant could be issued leading to your arrest for failure to appear in court or, worse, the court could find you guilty in your absence. It’s not because you are charged with a crime that you will automatically be held responsible; the prosecution will first have to prove that you are guilty beyond reasonable doubt, which will require them to present adequate evidence during trial. A good criminal lawyer will examine the evidence, how it was obtained and make sure that it can legally be used against you in court.

How Will Shane McClure Lawyer Help You Achieve Success?

Shane will explain the complex legalities in simple terms without excessive legal jargon. He provides effective arguments and realistic and honest advice. You will get a profiled analysis of your case and a fully customised roadmap with a high-level strategy for trials. Shane grew up in a small country town and has also done his share of big city living, giving him a breadth of knowledge and expertise on social tendencies and law. Shane will help you whether it’s your first-ever offence or something more. He will also help with negotiations with the police and won’t shy over uncomfortable topics, providing everyone with his full support.

But Really, How Will Shane McClure Lawyer Help You?

You can schedule a no-obligation FREE call to discuss your enquiry, and after-hours appointments are available. Shane is unbiased, an excellent listener, conducts in-depth research, and understands that there are two sides to every story. He is compassionate and understanding and offers strategic planning, ten plus years of experience of appearing as a criminal lawyer in Victoria’s courts. Shane also offers services in family, parenting, intervention orders, mediation with the same skill proficiency and competence.

Client Testimonial

“I was a silly boy once and ended up getting into a fight coming out of my local pub; things didn’t end up so good for me. Not wanting to be outdone and knowing where the other person lived, I ended up going around to his house the next afternoon to attempt to settle the score. He wasn’t there, and when I got home, I discovered the police at my door. Not only was I formally charged, but I didn’t think I would get bail. Shane McClure ended up helping me sort out my mess. He knew where I was coming from and I am glad that he helped me with my criminal charges.” – Steve, Kyneton.

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