Court appearances

Court appearances-what to expect

Regardless of what side of a legal matter you are on, a court appearances can be a daunting experience for many people. What to expect can vary if you are the accused or the accuser, if your matter is criminal or civil and dependant on which court you appear in – such as Magistrates’, Supreme, or Family/Federal Circuit Court.

If you are arrested and charged with a crime, your first court appearance is what is known as a Mention. In this, a Magistrate/judge will read your rights, the crimes you are accused of and you – or your lawyer – can offer a plea of guilty or not guilty.

Depending on the severity of the crime you are accused of and your plea, you may either go straight to sentencing – should you enter a guilty plea – or you can have a court (trial) date set for your case to be heard.

Depending on your specific circumstances, the accusations and your past criminal history, you may be remanded in custody, released on bail or provided with a future court date at which you must attend.

The key with court appearances in Victoria is to have qualified, professional and experienced legal representation appear on your behalf with you.

Your lawyer will not only provide you with a detailed account of the charges against you but also a detailed account of how your court hearing will proceed, what the potential outcomes are and of course your legal rights and responsibilities throughout the process.

I have been representing Victorians for a considerable time in a wide range of legal matters from general advice, mediation and court appearances.

With my dedicated and personal legal support and mediation skills, dispute resolution or family law matters, which can often be daunting, will be made as straightforward as possible.

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