Breach of Intervention Order


While obtaining an intervention order is a civil matter, it is a criminal offence to breach or contravene an order. The maximum penalty is imprisonment, a fine, or both.

It is an offence for an accused to contravene a family violence intervention order intending to cause, or knowing that their conduct will probably cause, the protected person:

  • physical or mental harm, including self-harm; or
  • to be apprehensive or fearful for their own safety or that of anyone else.

The police may arrest someone if they suspect they have breached an intervention order, but it is up to the police to decide what action, if any, is to be taken when a breach is reported. If a minor breach is reported police may warn the defendant about his behaviour and give a warning of the consequences of a further breach.

The court takes breaches of intervention orders very seriously. If the court finds the respondent guilty, they can be given:

  • a prison sentence
  • a fine
  • a good behaviour bond or other penalty
  • The respondent will also have a criminal record.


Either party must not take a breach of Intervention Order lightly. For the protected, it can be a question of life, and for the defendant, it’s a question of imprisonment, a fine, or both. The court holds only the accused responsible for the breach, even if provoked by the protected person. You require the expertise of a pragmatic lawyer. Shane McClure with his vast experience in intervention orders, criminal law, and family law will handle your cause with acute shrewdness. Shane is a wonderfully intellectually rebellious lawyer who gives you only a realistically customized roadmap.

Lengthy legalities, complex arrangements of evidence for you, and in the worst-case scenario reducing your sentence to a minimum, are few add-ons to the pleading not guilty process. Shane explains everything in simple terms and presents your best interests at the court hearing without backing out.

Why Choose Shane?

  • Shane recognises your emotional trauma after the breach of an intervention order, or after you’re accused of one. He approaches you like a proper gentleman.
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If you suspect you may be charged with a breach of intervention order, or you have been charged with an intervention order, contact Shane McClure top criminal lawyer in Victoria, before the police begin to discuss the matter with you. Shane will take care of your rights and guide you constantly through the proceedings.

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