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B.A., LL.B., Grad Dip L.P., LL.M. (Family Law)

Nationally Accredited Mediator & Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner & Lawyer

Let me introduce you to Shane McClure. Shane knows what it is like to do it tough. He grew up in a small country town with his grandparents whilst they built a mudbrick house. He has also done his share of big city living, bringing a wealth of hard-won experience to the practice of law.

%Top Rated Family Attorney %Shane McClure

A passion for excellence and to never give up is ingrained into Shane and it drives his commitment to providing personalised attention to every client, guiding them through the options, procedures and paperwork to give them their best outcome.

Shane has over ten years of experience appearing on behalf of clients in all of Victoria’s courts and retains a particular skill and passion in the field of mediation, and family dispute resolution mediation in particular.

When he’s not trying to put himself in the shoes of his clients and guide them through the legal jungle, Shane enjoys spending time with his young son and trying to pass on some of his life experience. He’s also a fitness enthusiast and the two like nothing better than to kick the footy around and spend a few hours in the great outdoors.


  • B.A., LL.B., Grad Dip L.P., LL.M. (Family Law)
  • Australian Lawyer and Officer of the Supreme Court of Australia – Law Institute of Victoria
  • Master of Laws – Family Law
  • Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner – Attorney-General’s Department
  • Nationally Accredited Mediator

Shane McClure is available to assist with your legal and mediation enquiry. Click here to contact us and make an enquiry. Shane McClure has the experience, understanding and compassion to help you.

%Top Rated Family Attorney %Shane McClure

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Shane McClure

Works tirelessly to protect the things that matter most to you


Real World Resilience

Shane translates his life experiences into practical legal advice.



Shane works hard to understand your story.



Shane doesn’t give up, give in, or quit.
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