Mediation 2020: New Year, New Beginning

Mediation 2020: New Year, New Beginning

The New Year is a time for resolutions and for starting afresh. It is the time when family reunions have been held over Christmas and there is goodwill following exchanges of presents from loved ones. Most people are not yet back working the daily grind, so everyone seems a little more relaxed. However, not every family is lucky enough to spend Christmas and New Year with their entire family. This is especially true when there has been divorce or separation.

If this is your case, you may not have been able to spend Christmas with all of your loved ones, but this is an opportunity for you to heal from any feelings of hatred, guilt, bitterness and shame. Christmas was a good time to reach out to your former spouse and create some goodwill, and the New Year is a good time to use that good will to reach a resolution of any parenting concerns and financial disputes following your relationship breakdown.

To guide you in the process, it is best to consult with an accredited mediator such as myself, who can help facilitate your communication, promote understanding between both parties, assist you to identify your needs and interests, and use creative problem-solving techniques to enable you to reach your own agreement. Mediators can help people who are in conflict and have not been able to agree about something, to discuss the issues, understand each other’s point of view and explore possible options for resolving any problems.

The mediation process also gives you opportunity to talk face to face with your former spouse and resolve any personal conflicts that you may have. This is the perfect place where the offending spouse can ask for forgiveness and the offended spouse may extend forgiveness so both can have closure and move forward with their lives and start off the new year in a positive new light.

An amicable dissolution of marriage or relationship, and peaceful settlement of your affairs are all necessary for the healing process to flourish. When guided by the right mediator, the process can be easy and relieving for both parties. If you need a mediator to help you start with your healing process this New Year, please do not hesitate to contact me and let me help you both move forward into a positive new 2020. Happy New Year 2020!

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