Video mediation and what to expect

Werribee Magistrates’ Court

Video mediation and what to expect

When entering into mediation to resolve a legal matter or dispute, video mediation is becoming popular as a way to ensure attendance.

The Victorian courts and legal system understand and appreciate that applicants & respondents both have busy lives outside of their matter, and often the burden of distance can place additional, unrequired stress on parties in the proceedings.

Mediation is used as an attempt to avoid drawn-out court proceedings while having a goal “to reach a suitable, final and legally binding agreement between the parties”. Video mediation is often a good way to ensure people attend a session with mediators and affected parties.

This process ensures both parties are not feeling pressured or threatened with the opposite party in the same room, not to mention ensure attendance despite being in another suburb, state or even country.

With technology progressing a long way over the past few years, there is a wide range of services and high-speed Internet that allow for real-time video mediation to take place.

If you are in Victoria, your lawyer may ask you to attend mediation via video conference in their office, at the Victorian Bar in Melbourne, or a wide range of other available centres. Alternatively, you could attend from your home or office.

Although many may see video mediation as less than optimal, rest assured the outcomes are very much real, binding and legal. It provides a safe and, in many cases, a viable option for people to expedite their legal matters without going to court, allowing them to move on with their lives sooner.

If you are heading toward court or mediation, it is always best to get advice. I am experienced in all forms of mediation and client-driven outcomes.