If you are going through a relationship breakdown, or have even been charged by the Police, or need some documents drawn up, the whole legal process can feel complicated and even scary.

Shane McClure will be by your side every step of the way, until everything gets done for you, from start to finish. Shane McClure understands family law separations and divorces can be devastating, and being served a Family Violence Intervention Order, frustrating.

Shane McClure helps people who are separated break free from their ex and move forward with their life, so they can live a stress-free life and enjoy life once again.

Here’s what you can expect from working with Shane McClure, and his team:

  1. A down-to-earth personal approach for your personal matter.
  2. Experience and passion, so you get detailed guidance on every step of the process
  3. Works in the most cost effective, sensitive and efficient way possible
  4. Jargon free
  5. A 24-hr response
  6. The most cost-effective way to solve your legal problem
  7. A team to fight for the best result, leaving no stone unturned
  8. A lawyer who listens first, then gives advice
  9. Compassion and kindness

In case you are wondering, Shane’s offices are based in Niddrie and Point Cook, but he usually meets with clients online, or at court, all over Victoria.

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    Shane translates his life experiences into practical legal advice.


    Shane works hard to understand your story.


    Shane doesn’t give up, give in, or quit.

    Do You Want a Family Lawyer Who Doesn’t Give up, Give in, or Quit?

    Shane McClure, Family Lawyer will do everything he can to protect your finances, loved ones, and all the things that matter most to you…..guaranteed.

    We know that family matters are distressing, be it, divorce, parenting disputes, and dealing with family finances. It’s a time you’re thinking about what the future will hold, and how to get things done so you can move on.

    You know you need legal advice and representation, but you’re worried about using a law firm to help you through your crisis due to the costs. Most people do! They think using a lawyer could mean costs spiralling out of control.

    Then there is the legal system to deal with. Just like everyone, you’re concerned about the fairness of the system, and whether your side of the story will be heard. It’s an emotional roller-coaster. If you’re going through an emotional family matter, you want someone to present your side of the story. Someone who listens to you and understands the problem you’re facing. You’ve probably heard the horror stories about law firms who are robotic, don’t listen, and just seem interested in getting paid. You don’t want that! You want proper representation from someone who has been through the legal family struggles just like you are now, and understands these matters are not just about the law. Someone who can help you invest in the future and bring about a brighter tomorrow.

    Shane McClure can protect you, and make sure you don’t get bullied into a settlement that’s not good for your future. He understands the stress of family matters, such as divorce, arranging parenting or property matters. It’s a new journey for you and Shane McClure is here to both defend your rights and take you through what can be a confusing legal confusing journey, explaining it all to you in simple language. Shane McClure knows all about the struggle of family matters as he’s been through the pain of divorce himself.

    Shane knows you feel lost and don’t know where to start. You want the pain to go away. Shane McClure can help you!

    We know that many people think lawyers just want to earn big fees! Do you want a lawyer who doesn’t ask for a full retainer on account to start with your case?

    1. Would it be easier for you to pay as you go?
    2. How about a lawyer who listens so that he fully understands your problems and explain it to the court in detail?
    3. Do you want to be more than just a number?
    4. Would you like advice about how your case can be dealt with as quickly as possible?
    5. If you answered yes to everything……..read on!

    Shane McClure will listen to you, take the time to understand your problem, get to know you, and understand what outcome you want and need. You’ll be told about your realistic expectation of success, and exactly how he can help you. This makes it totally transparent and easier for you to understand. Query the tense of this?

    So, who is Shane McClure and can he be trusted with your family law case?
    If you have a family law matter, with Shane McClure you’re in a safe pair of hands. He has over a decade of experience. Someone who has worked at top-tier law firms, and has made many court appearances in the Federal Circuit Court of Australia, Family Courts, the Children’s Court of Victoria, plus the Magistrates’ Court of Victoria. Shane has also completed a Masters in Family Law and Independent Children’s Lawyer training.

    However, lots of other family lawyers can say the same. But he’s different!!!

    Shane McClure gives you the service other firms find difficult giving. He knows you need a lawyer who will take time to listen. Someone who has your back. Not some distant lawyer who constantly interrupts, never truly listening, or understanding what you want.

    The best lawyers are the ones who listen. This is because they tailor their legal approach to your precise requirements, rather than just going down the route that they think is right. Rest assured you’ll be in a safe pair of hands with Shane McClure.

    However, you’re probably still thinking, Shane is in business and just about making money? Yes, he is in business and to survive he must have an income. However, his primary focus is finding the best solution to your problem. He’s there to make sure you don’t get involved in contested court proceedings, unless it’s absolutely necessary. He is about saving you money. Extra friction always costs more money, and he offers fixed-fees, so you know the costs from day one.

    Shane is a mediator and specifically a Family Dispute Resolution (FDR) Practitioner, which means he can mediate family law settlements and parenting disputes. Parties must attempt FDR mediation before going to court in relation to parenting matters. And because he understands how to resolve disputes, and how to facilitate lines of communication seeing family law disputes from all sides, he knows how to resolve matters quickly.

    The benefit is that you save money!

    Shane McClure knows that it’s not just about being an expert in family law to make you happy. He’ll be there for you, not like some faceless lawyer who you have trouble speaking to as they’re always too busy. He’s not like other lawyers who think they know everything. He won’t disregard what you say. Plus, he will also tell you what the courts and family report writers and family counsellors need to hear from you.

    1. Your case won’t be thrown around to other lawyers. Shane McClure will help you from start to finish.
    2. He’s been there, so he understands. He’s not some robot. He’s felt the same painful life experiences that you’re now going through.
    3. When you ring to speak with Shane McClure, that’s who you get to speak to!
    4. Will you find more cheaper law firms….maybe. Will you find better? No!


    Shane translates his life experiences into practical legal advice.


    Shane works hard to understand your story.


    Shane doesn’t give up, give in, or quit.


    So, what areas of family law does Shane McClure deal with?

    • Divorce
    • Family law parenting
    • Family law property

    Shane doesn’t offer a cookie cutter approach to family law, because each client and case is different. And many of the big firms forget this. With Shane you’ll get experience, compassion, dedication, plus a determination to highlight your strengths and diminish your weaknesses.

    Shane will be there to protect you, and provide you with the support that you need; whether it be a short conference to discuss a potential separation and its consequences, or complete legal representation from start to finish.

    Shane’s goal is to save you time, and to reduce your emotional burden so that you can focus on positive things, such as your wellbeing, your children, and your career.

    Shane McClure believes in Alternative Dispute Resolution Mediation, especially in family law matters, as it helps you to save money. With a strong focus on mediation and negotiated outcomes, Shane McClure can also help couples go their separate ways in respectful and amicable terms, avoiding conflict as much as possible, and reducing your costs. It is not about creating costs with Shane McClure, its about reducing them! 

    However, while Shane McClure is an Accredited Mediator, and Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner, he won’t hesitate to give you advice to take your matter to the Federal Circuit Court of Australia or the Family Court of Australia if needed, battling to ensure that your rights are protected.

    Shane McClure understands that all families are different, and that successful communication is unfortunately not always the first choice for some parties. Once he has listened carefully to your instructions, he will give you his legal advice. 

    Offices in Niddrie, Point Cook and conferences available online.


    Shane translates his life experiences into practical legal advice.


    Shane works hard to understand your story.


    Shane doesn’t give up, give in, or quit.

    Don’t forget, Shane guarantees:

    1. A 24-hr response
    2. The most cost-effective way to solve your legal problem
    3. To fight for the best result, leaving no stone unturned
    4. A lawyer who listens first, then gives advice
    5. Compassion and kindness


    Remember, don’t leave things too late.

    For instance, you may find all of a sudden, your partner has done things to prepare for a separation to help swing things in their favour. Or, you’ve been served with an Intervention Order and have to leave your family home.

    If you’re aware something is happening, contact Shane McClure NOW! He will help you.

    Book a FREE discovery call (video or telephone) with Shane McClure to see if we’re a good fit and have an initial conference and get started. If it goes no further, no problem, no cost.

    But remember…….from time to time, Shane meets people who have tried unsuccessfully to deal with their legal matters themselves, or simply put their head in the sand and left it all too late. Don’t let that happen to you!

    P.S. When you contact Shane McClure, it’s Shane; that’s what his friends call him. It’s not Mr McClure. He’d like you to do the same.

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    Shane translates his life experiences into practical legal advice.


    Shane works hard to understand your story.


    Shane doesn’t give up, give in, or quit.
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